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Raider is a new custom knife. Designed as a Persian fighter with a western influence.

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Raider is a new custom knife. Designed as a Persian fighter with a western influence. The blade from grips to tip is 7.4 inches and 2.3 inches wide at the Ricasso. The design features a long swooping top clip that has been bevelled as a false edge. The Blade has been forged from 1/4 inch thick  80CRV2 High Carbon steel. This steel along with a high carbon content also has both Chrome and Vanadium added to the mix. These 2 elements give the steel the ability to be heat treated harder( approx 60 HRC) which enables better edge retention without compromising the toughness.

The handle grips are Siamese Rosewood. Siamese Rosewood is rare and absolutely stunning timber. The colour has a deep red tone with darker deep chocolate streaks. Asides from the rarity of this timber other qualities that make it desirable in a knife handle are the hardness of the wood and the naturally oily nature which gives it a natural stabilising effect. The front of the grips have a stippled texture aiding grip and a generous palm swell along with the birds beak pommel end make for a knife that is not easy to lose your grip on.

This knife comes with a hand tooled full leather sheath designed for hip carry.

At this time this is one of a kind, this may change but it will be the only one with a Siamese Rosewood handle.


                                                                             Raider Specifications

Blade length and Width: 190 mm (7.4 inches) from grips to tip. 58 mm ( 2.3 inches) wide at the Ricasso overall length 330mm(13 inches).

Blade steel: 80CRV2 High Carbon Steel

Overall weight: 600 grams ( 21.16 oz)

Handle material & construction: Siamese Rosewood with stainless steel and Black G10 pins

Sheath: Full grain 80z leather, hip carry.


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