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This is the second version of the Frontier, unlike the previous version this one has a full tang blade. Featuring a 9 inch cutting edge with a SanMai construction.  The blade steel is 1084 High Carbon core with W2 tool steel outer layers.

W2 tool steel is tough and durable and above all else creates a great Hamon.

Available on back-order

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The Frontier is at this time only available via commissioned order as they are not kept in stock.

The Frontier features a full tang blade with a notched solid guard. Featuring a 9 inch cutting edge and can be made in either a Monosteel or layered steel construction. This design gives the strength benefits of a full tang knife with the added benefit of having a guard which is normally only found on a hidden tang blade. Steel can be W2, if a Hamon is desired. 80CRV2 for a strong and durable cutting edge, 1084 which will produce a less active hamon. In layered steel construction any of these steels are combined with 15N20 to give the bright and dark appearance.

W2 tool steel is tough and durable and above all else creates a great Hamon. What is a Hamon?

A Hamon is a differential hardening line that is created when the blade is heated and quenched. By covering the spine with a special clay mixture it doesn’t harden during the heat treating process leaving a line in the steel that presents a a wispy colour change. What does this mean for the performance of the blade? What you end up with is a knife with a hard durable cutting edge and a spine that has flexibility to withstand hard use  and not be prone to cracking.

Overall blade thickness at the Ricasso is 6.5 mm with a distal taper to the tip. The Blade has a wide ground top clip that is thin and will puncture easily.

The Guard is in house cast Bronze and has been pinned and peened to the blade.

The handle scales are subject to choice and availability.

The Frontier comes with a handcrafted full leather sheath that can be worn either cross draw or drop leg on your dominant side.

This knife will be reproduced on special order however the blade composition and handle material is subject to change.

The Frontier will be shipped in a custom made timber box valued at $70 suitable for display or storage. Pricing includes the box and the additional shipping charges. If you would like to purchase without the box please contact us



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