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Black Widow


Black Widow is a new custom knife.8.5 inch 80CRV2 steel blade Ebony frame coffin handle, sculpted guard, leather sheath.


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Black Widow

Black Widow is a new custom that I am hoping will become a regular part of the catalogue.

The unique style of the handle is known as a coffin handle. This handle is not made in the usual way, but instead is a frame handle. Frame handles are built from a core slab in this case it’s Khaki G10 cut to the shape desired with a slot left in the middle for the tang, and then the timber scales are attached. This time the scales are Ebony and its held together with 6 Khaki G10 pins and a central Black G10 pin holds the handle to the tang.

The blade forged from 1/4 inch thick 80CRV2 High Carbon steel measures 8.5 inches in length from tip to guard, and is 2 inches wide at the Ricasso. The blade has distal taper and a wide convex bevel with a false edge on the spine. The blade/ handle interface is hidden tang, but make no mistakes this is not a weakness. The tang is 19 mm wide where it joins the blade and tapers down to 15 mm at the termination about 20 mm from the end of the handle

The Guard is carved from 6 mm antiqued brass.

Black Widow comes with a custom hand crafted Full Leather sheath designed for hip carry.

If this knife is made again the handle materials will be changed.


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