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The Mission


The Mission as I see it isn’t just to make knives. The art of blade smithing is far deeper. You need to ask what is the purpose of this knife ? How do I want this knife to look ?

I made my first knife when I was 17. It wasn’t great and wouldn’t hold an edge but it did have form if not function. Bladesmithing was something I always intended to pursue. I just never knew how long it would take me, to find my way back to it. Making a knife is not just pounding on red hot steel with a hammer, and not just any steel will perform. These are the skills that take time and must be learned.Once you have forged the steel out to give form you have to give it a soul for it to become a knife.What I endeavour to do is create and bring to life a vision be it yours or mine. Consultation with you, the end user is how I achieve this. So send me an email today and tell me about your requirements and I will endeavour to realise you vision. Facebook
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