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Tactical Knives Sydney

Blades are not just shaped by pounding hammers on red-hot steel. It requires a knack to make it more precise for different applications. Achieving expertise in shaping blades with years of experience makes Saxon Knives Australia a leading manufacturer of blades. One such example is Tactical Knives offered in Sydney. With a variety of knives for applications like hunting, skinning, combat, etc. Saxon Knives is the place to select your favourite tactical knife in Sydney.

Shaping blades is our specialty. Before choosing the blade, we will make sure that we help you choose the best knife that will be used for the purpose for which it is made. Tactical knives in Sydney are used for combat purposes with features that can be suitable for extreme situations. In other words, this knife is not preferable for general applications as it is specifically designed for other activities like hunting, camping or self-defence purposes. Our tactical knives in Sydney have a heavy handle that could also be used for bashing nails. The Enforcer is the type of tactical knife manufactured by Saxon Knives Australia.

The Enforcer consists of a 7.5-inch blade made up of 1084 high carbon steel finished in black oxide for reduced reflectivity. High Carbon Steel makes the knife hardened as the carbon content is higher. Designed with unrivalled functionality and sustainability, blade sharpness remains uncompromised with prolonged use. Sharpening of the edge can be easily done with the help of sharpening tools or honing tools. These tactical knives in Sydney consist of 2 razor-sharp cutting edges with the handle made up of Juma Tac (Desert tan) which are fixed with the help of Gulso fasteners through the full range. The Enforcer hides inside a full leather sheath with a 2-inch wide webbing belt loop along with a webbing leg strap. Looking for the right knife for your favourite activity? Saxon Knives is the right place to find your Tactical Knives Sydney.

Australian Made Knives, Custom Hand Forged Blades

At Saxon Knives Australia we design and create Australian Made Knives.

What does this mean?

When you are looking for a knife to suit your task, you can buy an off the shelf knife from a major store. These often are mass produced and sometimes of questionable quality. Or you can go to a studio and have a Custom Australian made knives, made to suit you and your needs.

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