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Hot Thoughts

Hot Thoughts

Welcome to the first Hot Thoughts. This is intended as a sort of blog page . While standing in front of a 1000 plus degree forge many things go through the mind while waiting for steel to heat up some I wont repeat most are purely rambling or cursing myself for something stupid I have done, but occasionally they are coherent and are either related to the piece I am working on or making my valued clients more aware of how things work. 

That’s what this one is about.

As you go through the store looking for that perfect knife to suit your needs or you are just browsing you will notice some knives on sale others that are listed as available but when you try to purchase you that they are on back-order. 

Back-order simply means they are not immediately available and have to be made. this takes approximately 2 weeks. When ordered you move to the front of the production schedule. 

This also gives you the opportunity to select a few things about the end product.


The handle material and pins.

If you add a note to the purchase i will advise you of what stock timbers are available or if not in stock I may be able to order it in, still within the 2 week time frame. If you are looking for something more exotic if its available then it may incur a surcharge. You may also select the pins that fasten the grips to the blade and even the colour of the sheath and the stitching. additionally the style of the sheath or the carry options available. 

Essentially you get a custom knife at the same price you just need to wait a little longer.

That’s all for now. Stay Sharp and HAVE A KNIFE DAY.

Tactical Knives

With the release of our first dedicated Tactical knife the Night Strike which is the first and in the next few days the Renegade will be added, I thought it might be a good time to ask the question  What is a Tactical Knife?

If you search the web you will find many different definitions. ” A tactical knife is the one you have when you need one” true. A tactical knife is more of a tool for multiple uses. OK. 

In today’s world of people being offended by almost everything many knives labelled as tactical are more self defence knives. This label is often used as people are offended by the term fighting knife.

At Saxon Knives Australia we take a different approach, you see a Tactical knife to me is as much about the intended purpose as the overall package. 

A tactical knife can be small used as a holdout weapon and capable of doing general daily tasks like the original Night Strike. Its also about the materials. The steel used is easily sharpened extremely durable and will hold an edge for a long time. The handle is G10 as will all those forthwith in the Night Strike series. G10 is durable and tough it doesn’t shrink and contract with heat and cold and  it’s waterproof . 

In the event that you are needing to use your knife in a survival situation, you may not want a bright and shiny blade , that’s why these knives all have a stone wash finish, No reflections. Additionally the Lanyard cord may be removed and used to lash the knife to a pole to make a spear or for other uses where you need to tie up  something, maybe even just as a bootlace.

That’s all for now go and check out the Night Strike series and grab one for yourself.

Have a Knife Day

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