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Custom Made Knives

The team at Saxon Knives Australia are artisans who make the best of custom made knives. Each of these knives is born out of the desire to design stunning and useful items made from materials that would enhance the richness and the quality of the custom made knives.

Our group of artisans at Saxon Knives Australia can be described as the team who enjoy working their artistic magic in the rooms that are filled with a variety of blades, leather, and several other items. The knives are included in the kitchens for Australia’s top chefs but also in the kitchens employed by some of the top chefs from all over the world. Also, these custom made knives are used while you are outdoors hunting.

Every custom made knife is hand-forged. Each is made of high carbon steel, most of which is made from recycled materials such as old sawmills and file blades. Steel with high carbon content is ideal for making knives. It can be kept well-maintained and is highly sought-after by professionals because of this.

The various materials used to create the unique design and function of every particular blade are used to create unique, stunning blades.

Handles are also constructed from the best quality leather, which will give you not only the necessary grip but also the much-required comfort.

Since each Custom Made Knives is hand-crafted by hand, each knife will have some or the other unique specialties that will make it stand out. With our 100% guarantee of quality, we also help you replace the custom made knife if it fails at any time. We claim this because we know the level to which it is made, and we do not have to face this situation. Get in touch with our team today to let us know your requirements.

Australian Made Knives, Custom Hand Forged Blades

At Saxon Knives Australia we design and create Australian Made Knives.

What does this mean?

When you are looking for a knife to suit your task, you can buy an off the shelf knife from a major store. These often are mass produced and sometimes of questionable quality. Or you can go to a studio and have a Custom Australian made knives, made to suit you and your needs.

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